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Arizona Car Accident Lawyers

After a car accident, many people experience a range of emotions. Shock, confusion, fear, anxiety, and sadness are all common reactions to being involved in a crash. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially in the immediate aftermath.

Shock is a common reaction to a car accident. Many people simply feel numb and unable to process what has happened. It’s common to feel disconnected from the events that have transpired and like the accident didn’t really happen.

Fear can also be a natural reaction to a car accident. People may be afraid for their safety and the safety of their passengers. They may also be concerned about the consequences of the crash, such as the cost of repairs or medical bills.

It’s important to remember that it’s normal to feel a range of emotions after a car accident, and to take time to process these emotions and seek help if necessary. If you have been injured, seek medical care immediately, and then call a competent Arizona car accident lawyer who can help explain the process of seeking compensation for damages.

What to do and what not to do after a car accident

After a car accident, you should:

  • Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Collect contact and insurance information from all parties.
  • Use your smartphone to document the scene of the crash.
  • Go to the doctor after your accident if you didn’t need urgent medical care.
  • Contact Angel Law Group as soon as possible.


After a car accident, you should not:

  • Leave the scene before all information is exchanged.
  • Apologize or say, “I am sorry.”
  • Ignore your doctor’s orders for aftercare.
  • Be untruthful at any point throughout the claim process.
  • Accept an insurance settlement without letting your lawyer see it first.

Arizona Truck and Motorcycle accident Lawyers

An accident involving a motorcycle, truck, or commercial vehicle can be especially disastrous to injury victims. 

Motorcycle and truck accident claims often involve catastrophic injuries because the impacts in these types of collisions are so devastating. Our firm is highly familiar with serious injury claims and the consequences of such injuries. We can work with medical experts to get a full understanding of your injury and how it will affect your life for years to come, or perhaps permanently.

What makes these types of accidents worse is that insurance companies, trucking companies, or other corporations involved often have high-paid attorneys or representatives whose job it is to put the blame on you and safeguard the company’s money. You do not want to fight these corporations on your own. The Law Angels have extensive experience in recognizing the tactics used to attempt to deflect liability in these situations, and know how to get these corporations to pay. 

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