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Pedestrian / Bicycle Accident Attorneys

At Angel Law Group, we understand the vulnerability and unique challenges pedestrians and cyclists face on the road. In fact, our entire team are avid outdoorsman – in our off-time you’ll often find our families running, cycling, hiking, picnicking, and enjoying Arizona’s unique weather. 

Because of their love of the outdoors, John, Justin, and their dedicated team specialize in representing individuals involved in pedestrian and bicycle accidents. With a comprehensive understanding of Arizona’s traffic laws and a passion for protecting your rights, they are relentlessly committed to advocating for those who have suffered injuries due to collisions, negligence, or road hazards, navigating the complexities of these cases to offer tailored legal support to ensure clients receive fair compensation and justice. Our aim is to guide and support victims through every step of the process, providing the necessary legal counsel and assistance to aid in their recovery and pursuit of rightful compensation.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Statistics

Based on the recent findings in 2022 data, a concerning statistic reveals that Arizona has the nations second-highest number of pedestrian fatalities. Cyclists additionally fell victim to 1,742 accident injuries of which 18 were fatal

Having experienced these incidents first-hand, John and Justin recognize the heightened risk bicyclists face on the road, and emphasize the crucial need for motorists to be vigilant and attentive to cyclists. Similarly, we advocate for cyclists to prioritize safety by using appropriate protective gear, such as helmets, and maintaining awareness that not all vehicles consistently adhere to road rules when it comes to accommodating bicyclists. 

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