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Angel Law Group brings a unique, warm and neighborly touch to the often-described ‘cold’ art of legal practice, shaped by our members’ upbringing in the vibrant state of Arizona. Rooted in the community spirit Arizonans are known for, our legal team understands the value of genuine connections and providing relentless representation of you, our family.

Having painful experience with larger law firms who advertise to clients that ‘they are not another case number’, our attorneys were dissatisfied with the manner in which their corporate firms frequently failed to deliver on this hollow promise. 

Our firm’s founders, John and Justin, oversee each case personally, and our attorneys take on only as many clients as can be handled without having to refer to your case file when they speak with you. 

John and Justin handle all intake personally, and spend the time to discuss your case with you in a welcoming and easy-to-understand manner. After all, while our team boasts a high batting average in the courtroom, we prefer you to think of us as a personal friend who are here to help in every step of the process of your legal needs.  To that point, we’re so passionate in our pursuit of justice that many of our clients refer to us as ‘The Law Angels’... and we’re proud to be just that. 

each attorney in our unique practice area groups has over 20 years of experience

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