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At Angel Law Group, our small team of experienced attorneys are passionate about Relentlessly representing each client as though You were a member of our own family, because… You are.

Automobile Accident

Car / Truck Accident

We passionately advocate for those injured in automobile accidents, and ensure both their physical and financial health are made right. 

Pedestrian / Bicycle Accident

Pedestrian / cyclist injury

As lovers of the outdoors ourselves, Angel Law Group specializes in representing injured pedestrians and cyclists to get them the fair compensation they deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Serious injury / Wrongful Death

Our professionals recognize the magnitude of the serious injury or wrongful death of a loved one due to negligence or malpractice. That’s why we fight for you and your loved ones’ rights in pursuit of justice.

Animal injury

Dog bite

Our team specializes in recovering compensation caused by unexpected dog bites or animal attacks due to owner negligence, and making sure you get the medical attention you need to heal from such a traumatizing incident.

Premises Liability

Slip and Fall

Our firm is dedicated to supporting individuals affected by injuries caused due to a property owner’s negligence, ensuring they get the compensation they need to recover from these incidents. 

Who We Are

The Law Angels are a team of skilled and dedicated Arizona attorneys specializing in a diverse range of legal practices. Our firm was founded with a singular mission: to provide high-quality legal representation while maintaining an unwavering personalized approach for each client. 

As a boutique law firm, we are honored to earn your business, trust, and friendship. Our small team is passionate about obtaining you justice while compassionately guiding you along the way.  And while others may say it, we prove the notion that you are not merely a case number handed to the next-up over-saturated attorney in a big Phoenix office building.  At Angel Law Group, you become a member of our family, and we look forward to a long relationship to come. That’s why we proudly refer to ourselves as: Arizona’s Most Personal, Injury Law Firm.  

More than 50 Years of legal Experience

Our Approach

The Law Angels are committed to your recovery, both physical and financial. We believe in open and thorough communication, an empathetic understanding of your unique situation, and crafting strategies that heal you inside the courtroom and out. Our attorneys are not just legal professionals; we are partners in your journey to seek healing, justice and resolution.

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Client Reviews

Lisa S.

I was involved in a terrible car accident which left me with a permanent injury. John and his staff were so wonderful to me and were able to get me enough money for my current and future medical bills.

Mark B.

i don't normally like lawyers but from the first phone call with Justin I was put at ease. I was hit while riding my bike in Mesa and had serious injuries. Not only did they get compensation for my hospital bill and missed work, but Nate the paralegal called me after I got the check to make sure I was still doing ok. I've never heard of that and I recommend Angel law group to anyone hurt.

Dave & Sherie M.

We were hit by a drunk driver of a commercial vehicle several years ago in a complex injury case. John and Justin were quite literally angels by getting us the help we needed after a long and contentious process. They updated us countless times, and only after they filed a complaint for jury trial did the insurance finally admit wrongdoing. Dave and I still keep in touch and are glad to call John, Justin, and Nate our good friends.

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